Guddan tumse na ho payega 2019

Guddan survives and wakes up in a small hut. She wants to find out why AJ tried to kill her and returns back the Jindal Bhavan. Daadi, Durga and Lakshmi who are shocked to see Guddan. AJ too is shocked on seeing Guddan alive. Guddan checks his room and notices AJ is under some stress.

He admits that he shot Guddan but refuses to tell her why. Durga, Daadi and Saraswati decide to inform Guddan about the changes that happened when she was away. In the next episode, Guddan finds Revathi in the house.

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She is surprised and asks Revathi when she started living in the Jindal Bhavan. Revathi says she is living there because she got married to someone who lives there. Revathi shows Guddan her mangalsutra and Guddan wonders who Revathi married. Parv shows up and says he is married to Revathi now. Guddan is in shock while Revathi looks away from Guddan.

Will Guddan try and make things better? Stay tuned to find out. Home Popular Shows. Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp. Catch a preview of the next episode here. Don't Miss. More like this:.

You May Also Like This. Watch Behind-The-Scenes Video….Episode begins with Guddan and Akshat are utterly shocked and stunned with the sudden death of Alisha. The veneration of the funeral of Alisha is going in the Jindal Bhawan. Guddan is remembering the words of Alisha and is feeling heartbroken.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega - Preview 12-6-2019

AJ comes there with the pot of ashes of Alisha and is reminiscing the moments they spent together and how Alisha used to feel good being with him and Guddan. AJ goes to call Antara to complete the rituals, he knocks on the door and says without you the process will not get complete. Antara opens the door and Aj gets shocked to see the state of the room of Antara and it looks devastating. Antara asks ashes?

You burnt down my princess? Antara does drama in front of the family and behaves as if she is very much hurt with the whole thing. Antara suddenly goes from there and brings kerosene and tries to burn herself.

Everyone is shocked and moved with her activities but Guddan remains unmoved from her place and sits there quietly. Saraswati noticed her behaviour and finds it shocking. Antara faints and AJ brings her to her room and everyone in the house get up from the puja. Saru says I am not a puppet of Guddan and I will say what I feel like. Durga asks keep in mind the situation of the house and behaves accordingly. Durga asks Laxmi not to react on the evil words of Saru and we know about the noble intentions of Guddan and that is what is enough.

Antara is sitting alone in the pool area of the house where Dadi comes to meet her.

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Dadi comes to give Antara a shawl as the weather becomes windy and cold with time. Dadi asks Antara to take care of herself and asks her to go inside but she remains unmoved from the place and Guddan comes there to meet Antara. She says I used to think Alisha as my daughter and I am also think childless.

Guddan injects Antara with the same injection and Antara behaves panicked at firsts and then she speaks up about her plan to Guddan. Guddan says I wish I can kill you with my own hand. Why did you kill Alisha, she was such a full of life kid. Antara says I will throw you out of the house and says I will become Mrs.Guddan and AJ notice that Vikrant and Parv keep exchanging the same bat.

They then exhange bats during the argument. This manages to stop the flow of runs for a while and Parv goes out. In the end, Vikrant team still scores 93 runs.

Needing 94 runs to win, AJ decides that Guddan should opens the batting with him. Guddan goes out on the first ball but luckily for her it is a no ball and she survives. In the next episode, Guddan and AJ continue to bat well and manage to keep up with the scoreboard.

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Durga tells the other team members that Guddan and AJ have already made more than half of the runs. If they are not stopped then they will win the game easily. Parv shows up with a new wet ball. He says that the ball will be so heavy, Guddan and AJ will not be able to hit it at all. This plan seems to work as Guddan and AJ are unable to score runs again. Will Guddan and AJ manage to win the game? Stay tuned to find out. Home Popular Shows.

Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp. Watch the latest episode here. Don't Miss. More like this:. You May Also Like This. Watch Behind-The-Scenes Video….The guard tells her that she cannot enter dressed like that. Guddan then asks to use the restroom and plans on how to deal with the guard. Vikrant is also at the bank in a disguise, and he sees Guddan as Santa Claus.

Guddan makes the guard unconscious by giving him a chocolate mixed with sedatives.

guddan tumse na ho payega 2019

She then holds up a gun and threatens everyone to keep quiet while she robs the bank. Vikrant shows AJ her plan to rob the bank and reveals that he has mixed itching powder in her beard. Guddan scratches her face and the beard falls off revealing her true identity.

In the next episode, Guddan is still holding up the bank and trying to rob the money, even after revealing her face. While she is there, Vikrant is showing all of the footage to AJ. Vikrant says that after Guddan is arrested, Vikrant says AJ and she will be seperated forever. Home Popular Shows.

Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp. Watch the latest episode here. Don't Miss. More like this:. You May Also Like This. Watch Behind-The-Scenes Video….However she tells Guddan she can save only one of them since they are kept in opposite directions. Guddan leaves the house and decides to save Angad first. Menawhile Antara continues her wedding with AJ. Guddan finds Angad trapped inside a wall. She breaks down the wall and saves him before going to save AJ.

She realises that she will not make it in time.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18 September 2019 Preview: Guddan Finds Out Revathi Is Married

Guddan sees a Ganpati visarjan passing by. She sees a man get down from his bike to pray to the Ganpati idol. Guddan sees her chance and steals the bike to go and save AJ. Meanwhile, Antara tells AJ that their saat phere has started and Guddan is not there yet.

AJ believes that Guddan will be there soon. Just as Antara and AJ are taking their last phera, Guddan parks the bike. She takes a trishul and attacks Antara. Guddan lets Antara run away and tells AJ that she loves him. Antara creeps up behind Guddan to attack her with the trishul.

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AJ notices this and stops Antara. Guddan ties up Antara and forces her to watch her get married to AJ. Guddan once again puts sindoor on her forehead by AJ.

Antara says this is not the end. Revathi sees the time Antara gave is over. She is worried since AJ, Angad and Guddan all have not reached. Guddan calls up the house and tells them that Antara is arrested and everyone is safe. Will Antara return for revenge? Stay tuned to find out. Home Popular Shows.

guddan tumse na ho payega 2019

Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp. She breaks down the wall and saves him before going to save AJ Watch the latest episode here. More like this:.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23 December 2019 Preview: Guddan Gets Caught Robbing A Bank?

You May Also Like This.Scene 1 Guddan comes on the crease again. Bhushan says Guddan is ready to bat. She does a six on the first ball.

AJ says good job. Everyone cheers. Guddan bats really well. She does sixes and fours. AJ helps her with runs. AJ comes on the crease. Revati comes to bowl. She does wide. AJ bats well. He does many fours. Revati is worried. Perv comes to bowl. AJ and Guddan make runs on his bowling as well.

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Durga says how are they playing so well. They have made many runs already. Vikrant says they can never run. Saru says how can you say that? Perv says I have washed the ball. I am so intelligent.

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Guddan and AJ run for a run.Scene 1 Guddan disguises as Santa and comes outside the bank in a rickshaw. Guddan says forgive me, God. You know what am I doing. Thank God Alisha gave me this costume. I will save AJ. The watchman stops her and says where are you going? Guddan says merry Christmas. He says who are you? Guddan says I am Santa. I came on my reindeer. She says I am here to celebrate.

guddan tumse na ho payega 2019

I have gifts for everyone. He says give them to me and leave. Guddan says I am only here to make everyone happy. Guddan goes out. She says I have to use the restroom. Use is there. Vikrant is there as well. He says I will expose you. Guddan comes to the restroom and says everything is okay.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23 December 2019 Preview: Guddan Gets Caught Robbing A Bank?

She takes out gun and does rehearsal. Why is it so difficult. I have to be the best actor here. She takes her bag and gun and goes out. Guddan says I can save my AJ. Alisha is worried at home. Dadi is praying. Alisha says we should tell the police. This is risky. Dadi says God will take us out of this situation. Alisha says God, I am sorry. I will be the best daughter please bring AJ and Guddan home. Revati says no one can save Guddan this time.